On Site Chair Massage
Stress Management Therapy for the 21st Century


 Corporate clients and groups:

The stress buster - on site chair massage offers an acupressure style massage at your workplace or event. It is designed to produce minimum disruption to your working day.


 I hired Shaun Maddock's On Site Massage services for a large and popular Corporate IT event (Gartner Enterprise Information and MDM Summit 2014 London UK).  Shaun was excellent in providing an onsite massage service to delegates on my booth during a networking session.  He not only provided a quality service but also helped to attract delegates to the stand.  Shaun's services helped to enhance our booth offering at the event and was a great pull to the booth, we had a huge bunch of happy delegates and the event was an overall success.  He is both very skilled but also has a very customer friendly approach.  I would most certainly use Shaun again for my corporate events and recommend him to anyone who is looking to achieve something similar.

 Mr. Balvinder Singh Phull
 Marketing Manager


Gartner Enterprise Information and MDM Summit 2014 London UK


 Points to consider:


The client remains fully clothed,
The treatment will cover the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands &    back,
No oils are used,
The treatment takes 10, 15 or 20 minutes per client (you decide),
A minimum of space is required,
I provide my own equipment,
The Therapist is fully qualified and insured.


Corporate & Group Benefits:


Revitalises both employees, management and customers,
Brings interest to your stand at exhibitions & trade fares,
Increases in productivity and concentration,
Cost effective and practical stress management with immediate        results,
Eliminates work related stress,
Demonstrates the commitment of the company to staff and                customers.  

Positive Results:

Improved productivity and efficiency,
Improved alertness and more focused,
Eases muscular  tension, restricted joint movement, aches and        pains,
Reduced absenteeism due to the positive results of Massage on      stress related ailments and parasympathetic nervous system,
Feels great, immediate stress release, refreshes and relaxes,
Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage,
Employees and customers will love it and appreciate you.


Personal Benefits:

 Massage is a proven Therapy to alleviate and in some cases eliminate conditions such as:

R.S.I. (repetitive strain injury),
VDU fatigue,
Tension and headaches,
Neck and back pain/strain,
Anxiety attacks,
High blood pressure.

 All of these will have an overall effect on staff absence and productivity.

Stress related absenteeism is costing UK industry Billions of pounds and Millions of lost working days every year due to stress related illness.

 In an age with rapidly increasing litigation against employers for WORK RELATED INJURIES. Stress relieving massage provides evidence of the commitment to the employee's wellbeing.

All the treatments I offer on my website are available to corporate & groups.

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